How to say hello in Spanish


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How to say hello in Spanish

In Spanish, there are many ways to say “Hello” in Spanish, no matter the country you are in.

Hola” (Hello or hi). It can be used at any moment of the day and in any context.

“Buenos días” (Good morning). You can use Buenos días as in good morning to greet someone from sunrise till midday, but you can also say “buen día” as in good day. It depends on which country you live in to know which one is used more often. Both options are perfectly ok.

“Buenas tardes” (Good afternoon). This greeting is used to say hello to someone from noon till there's no daylight.

“Buenas noches” (Good evening but it also means good night). You can use it as a greeting or farewell in the night time. Example, "Hola, buenas noches" or "Adiós, buenas noches".

“Mucho gusto” If you want to say nice to meet you.

All of these are gender neutral, so you are safe to use it with men or women.

If you have never taken a Formal Spanish class you must know how to say hello in Spanish.

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Here are some few examples to say hello in Spanish.

1. Hello, glad to meet you. = Hola, encantado de conocerte.

2. Hello, and welcome to the show = Hola, y bienvenido al programa.

3. Hello! Is anyone there? = ¡Hola! ¿Hay alguien ahí?

4. Say hello to Thomas. = Saluda a Thomas.

5. Hello, everybody = Hola a todos.

6. Hello, dear = Hola, cariño.

7. Hello, guys = Hola, chicos - Hola, tíos (in Spain).

8. Hello? [used to answer the telephone] = ¿Aló? (America) - ¿Diga? (Spain)- ¿Hola? - ¿Dígame? -¿Bueno? (Mexico) - ¿Sí? - ¿A ver?

9. Hello, I’m Ricardo. = Hola, soy Ricardo.

10. Hello! My name is Marcia. How can I help you? = ¡Hola! Me llamo Marcia. ¿En qué te puedo ayudar? (= ¿Te puedo ayudar en algo?).

11. Hello, what is this? = Vaya, ¿qué es esto?

12. Hello there! = ¡Hola, tú!

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