Common –ir verbs in Spanish


Common -ir Verbs in Spanish, Learn Spanish In india

Verbs that do not change their stem are called regular verbs, while those that undergo changes in the stem are classified as irregular verbs. As for the endings, regular verbs and most irregular verbs take the same endings in the present tense, while a few verbs show some spelling differences.

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List of Common –ir verbs

To open                              = abrir 

To bore                               = aburrir

To accept                            = admitir

To add                                 = añadir

To clap                                = aplaudir

To attend                           = asistir

To combat                         = combatir

To divide                            = compartir

To confuse                         = confundir

To consume                       = consumir

To keep a promise           = cumplir

To spread                            = cundir

To discuss                           = debatir

To decide                            = decidir

To swallow                         = deglutir

To abandon                        = desasistir

To describe                        = describir

To broadcast                     = difundir

To discuss                          = discutir

To divide                            = dividir

To avoid                             = eludir

To spit                                = escupir

To write                             = escribir

To evade                            = evadir

To exempt                         = eximir

To squeeze                        = exprimir

To extradite                      = extradir

To impart                          = impartir

To print                             = imprimir

To break promise/law = incumplir

To interrupt                    = interrumpir

To nourish                       = nutir

To occur                           = ocurrir

To oppress                      = oprimir

To give birth                   = parir

To depart                         = partir

To persist                         = persistir

To preside over              = presidir

To boast                            = presumir

To prevent                       = prevenir

To readmit                       = readmitir

To receive                        = recibir

To tolerate                       = resistir

To survive                        = sobrevivir

To go up, climb               = subir

To succumb                     = sucumbir

To suffer                           = sufrir

To substitute                   = suplir

To suppress                     = suprimir

To transfuse (blood)     = transfundir

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