Common -er verbs of Spanish


Common -er Verbs of Spanish, Learn Spanish, Learn Spanish india.

Common –er verbs of Spanish

Spanish verbs have different forms depending on who or what is doing the action on the tense. Spanish verb forms are made up of a stem and an ending depends on who or usually based on the infinitive of the verb. The endings depends on who or what is doing the action an on when the action takes place.

Regular verbs follow the standard patterns for –ar, er and ir verbs. Irregular verbs do not.

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List of Common –er verbs

To absorb            =   absorber

To learn               =   aprender

To sweep             =   barrer

To drink               =   beber

To commit           =   cometer

To compel            =   compeler

To understand    =   comprender

To compromise  =   comprometer

To run                   =   correr

To believe            =   creer

To have to            =   deber

To read                  =   leer

To put, insert       =   meter

To own                  =    poseer

To catch; turn on=    prender

To answer             =    responder

To break                =    romper

To sip                      =    sorber  

To surprise           =    sorprender

To weave               =    tejer

To fear                    =    temer

To cough                =    toser

To sell                     =    vender

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