Best Way to learn Spanish by own


Best way to learn Spanish by Your own, Learn Spanish in India

Learning Spanish is fun and joyful if you see improvement and become fluent. Unfortunately, you will encounter obstacles. Only decide to learn Spanish if you are motivated, otherwise you won’t put in the necessary effort to become a confident Spanish speaker. Go all the way, or don’t go at all.

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1. Learn some basic vocabulary and grammar

First, you have to learn the basics so you can say a few sentences and have an idea of the pronunciation. I would recommend using the apps, YouTube Videos, Blogs etc which offers you a good mix of grammar, listening, vocabulary and reading exercises. Try to form a habit of practicing 15 – 30 minutes a day.

2. Be in Spanish speaking environments

Find Spanish speaking only environment, where we won’t be able to avoid communicating in Spanish. This will be uncomfortable in the beginning, but it’s a must to get you practicing and not fall back on an easier language. You can go to a Spanish speaking event, meeting up with a native Spanish speaker (ideally someone who doesn’t speak a language you speak besides Spanish) or take Spanish classes. The most effective way is being in a Spanish speaking country, but that could be quite a hassle if your only reason would be to learn Spanish.

While you are improving you’re speaking and listening skills, keep improving your vocabulary and grammar through an app or some Spanish classes.

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3. Don’t give up

We all get to a point that we don’t see any improvement and learning Spanish is too tough. The pronunciations are off, the grammar is too complicated, there are too many expressions for the same thing, etc. As soon as you stop here, you will stay at an intermediate level. You will be able to have simple conversations, but never be able to express yourself freely which is a bummer if you live in a Spanish speaking country.

So keep hanging in, keep practicing 15 minutes a day and keep forcing yourself to speak Spanish. The key is to be patient. Fight your way through that tunnel where many get stuck.

4. Think you are a beginner, not an expert

Once you start thinking in Spanish, can have conversations for hours, and give presentations in Spanish you are getting fluent. It´s common at this stage that people think they mastered the language and there is nothing left to learn. Stay curious, keep asking words you don’t know, embrace tips of the people who correct you and be a forever learner! This makes the difference between someone who can express himself and someone seen as a native speaker.

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