The Conjunction


The Conjunction, Conjunction in Spanish, learn Spanish

Conjunctions are words or phrases that join different parts of a sentence. Simple conjunctions (conjunciones simples) are formed by one word (such as pero); compound conjunctions (conjunciones compuestas) are a combination of two words together (such as aunque, siquiera); and conjunctive phrases have two or more words (si bien, con tal de que).

Conjunctions are classified according to their function, into coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. 

Coordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions join sentences, clauses, phrases, and words of equal rank.

Coordinating Conjunctions are :

  • y        =       and

  • o        =      or

  • pero  =      but

  • o......o  =    either ....... or

  • ni =    neither ......nor

  • antes   =    rather

  • ahora =     however; but; now

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Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinate conjunctions join dependent (Subordinate) clauses to main clauses. You can recognize a dependent clause by the fact that it cannot stand alone – its meaning is incomplete without the main clause.

Subordinating Conjunctions are: 

  • conque             =    so 

  • aunque            =    although
  • como                =    because
  • a fin de que    =    in order to 
  • mientras         =    while
  • para que         =    in order to 
  • puesto que     =    since
  • si                       =    if
  • que                   =    that
  • contal que      =    provided that

  • cuando            =    when 
  • donde              =    where
  • sin que            =     without 


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