Common -ar verbs in Spanish


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Verbs are frequently used with a noun, with somebody’s name or, particularly in English, with a pronoun such as I, You or she. They can relate to the present, the past and the future.

The infinitive of every Spanish verb end in –ar, er or ir. For example, hablar (Meaning to speak), comer (Meaning to eat), vivir (Meaning to live). All Spanish verbs belong to one of these three types, which are called Conjugations.

List of Common -ar verbs

To finish            =    terminar

To accept          =    aceptar

To advise          =    aconsejar

To reach           =    alcanzar

To love              =    amar

To walk             =    andar

To arrange       =    arreglar

To help             =    ayudar

To dance          =    bailar

To go down      =    bajar

To look for       =    buscar

To change        =    cambiar

To sing              =    cantar

To load              =    cargar

To have dinner =  cenar

To buy               =    comprar

To answer        =    contestar

To cut                =    cortar

To leave            =    dejar

To embark       =    embarcar

To push             =    empujar

To enter            =    entrar

To listen            =    escuchar

To wait              =    esperar

To study            =    estudiar

To explain         =    explicar

To express, say=    expresar

To win, earn     =    ganar

To spend           =     gastar

To please          =     gustar

To speak           =     hablar

To try                 =     intentar

To judge            =     juzgar

To wash             =    lavar

To clean             =    limpiar

To call                 =    llamar

To arrive            =    llegar

To fill                   =    llenar

To carry              =    llevar

To order             =    mandar

To march           =     marchar

To kill                  =    matar

To watch, look  =    mirar

To ride                =    montar

To swim             =    nadir

To need              =    necesitar

To compel         =     obligar

To forget            =     olvidar

To pay                =     pagar

To stop               =     parar 

To go for walk  =    pasear

To prepare        =    preparar

To stay               =     quedar

To dry                =     secar

To pull, draw   =     tirar

To touch           =      tocar

To take             =      tomar

To work           =      trabajar

To travel          =      viajar

To hope            =     esperar

To vote             =     votar

To fly                 =    volar