Prepositions (Preposiciones)


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The Preposition
A preposition shown the relationship of a noun, or a noun equivalent to the rest of the sentence.
Most Common simple preposition in Spanish
  • a            =      at, to
  • ante       =      before, in front of
  • bajo       =      under
  • con          =      with
  • tras         =      behind, after
  • para        =      for, to
  • sin           =     without
  • excepto   =      except
  • sobre       =     on, upon
  • hacia       =     towards 
  • entre        =     between, among
  • en            =     in ; on; at
  • hasta       =     until
  • durante   =     during
  • mediante =     by means of
  • desde       =     since
  • contra     =     against
  • de            =     of; from
  • según      =     according to
  • por          =     for; by; through
The choice of preposition in Spanish is not always what we might except, coming from English. It is often difficult to give just one English equivalent for a particular Spanish Preposition, since preposition are used so differently in two languages.
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