Benefits of Learning Spanish

1. Communicate with over 420 million native speakers worldwide.

The Spanish language is the most widely spoken Romance language, both in terms of numbers of speaker and the Number of Countries in which it is the Dominant language. Spanish is spoken by 450 Million Native speakers –add people that speak Spanish as a second language and that figure grows to 550 Million speakers world-wide. This last statistic makes Spanish the second and most spoken language in the world, ranking higher than both Hindi and English. Spanish is also the world third most used language in the media in its various formatting: radio, television, paper and internet.

2. Learning Spanish will help your career.

With such a large Latino population in the U.S and booming Latin Economics outside the U.S Employers are desperate for the people who speaks Spanish. There is a huge Demand in the U.S for Spanish speakers in nursing, Construction, Management, and media among many other positions.

If you know a second language, you can be hired easily. If you have proven yourself to be a capable employee with just the right job skills and you prove yourself to be a capable employee with just the right job skills and you speak a foreign language such as Spanish, you are much more likely to land that job of your dreams than if you monolingual. In fact, many jobs today require a minimum of basic proficiency in another language.

Internationally, people who speak Spanish often have opportunities to work in trade or business fields. Other options include diplomacy, interpretations, and security applications, which all require a sensitivity and proficiency of another language. And did you know that bilingual employees often receive a larger salary than their non-Spanish Speaking counterparts? If the chance to show of your skills and be more competitive on the job market doesn’t interest you in studying Spanish, perhaps the extra cash will.

3. Learn Spanish to prepare for study abroad opportunities.

Many high schools, colleges, and universities offer study abroad opportunities. Many different types of programs are available to choose from and they vary in time from as little as a week of study to one semester, or even a whole year. Often, as little as one semester or one year of prior language study is all that is all needed, to qualify to participate in an exchange program.

Constant exposure of the key to true language and culture of the city in which city you study is believed to be the key of true language mastery and helps pave the way to literacy and native speaker like fluency. Students who have studied foreign languages score better on entrance exams.

4. Better travel experiences.

You will enjoy your travels in countries where Spanish is spoken more when you can speak the languages.

5. Knowing how to speak Spanish will enable you to help others.     

If you are the type of person who likes to help others, learning to speak Spanish will put you in a position where you can help both Spanish speakers, who don’t speak English and English speakers who don’t speak Spanish.